Pick Your Own PIN!

You can now select your own PIN for your debit card—or change your existing PIN—with just a simple phone call!

  1. To select or change your PIN, call 800-992-3808.
  2. Have your card handy when you call and be prepared to provide some personal information to verify your identity.
  3. Once your identity has been confirmed, just enter the four-digit number you’ve selected for your PIN—it’s that easy!

This PIN enhancement features many member benefits:

  • Toll Free Number 800-800-992-3808
  • Access from any phone
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Immediate use of card following successful call completion

Be sure to choose a number that is:

  • Easy for you to remember, and
  • Not one that anyone else would guess.

When considering your new PIN:

  • Don’t use a commonly-used combination, like repeating numbers (1111), or consecutive numbers (1234).
  • Don’t use a year connected to any of your personal information, like your birthday, anniversary, or graduation date—or a year that was similarly significant for a family member.
  • Don’t use a number connected to any other personal information, such as your phone number, Social Security number, license plate number, address, etc.
  • Don’t reuse number that you’ve used for another purpose, like a PIN from a different card, or your phone passcode.

Keep the PIN Secure and Private!

  • When you’ve chosen a number that you will remember, be sure to keep it secure and private.
  • Never write your PIN down or tell anyone what it is.
  • Be aware of anyone who may be looking over your shoulder when you enter your PIN to make a debit card transaction at a store.
  • If you think your PIN may have been compromised, call the above number immediately and change it.