Free ATMs

Bethlehem 1st FCU charges its members no fees for the first 8 withdrawals per month from Star and Plus machines. However, you may be assessed a service charge by the sponsoring bank at many ATMs. Check for signs on the ATM indicating that surcharges will be assessed. You should be warned about charges when you use the ATM, as well.

You can use many ATMs—including those at most Wawa and Sheetz stores—without incurring a service charge.

CU$ Is a network of free ATMs available to members of credit unions.

*Look for the CU$ logo on ATMs. This indicates the ATM is sponsored by a Credit Union participating in a program that provides no-fee ATM services to members of other participating credit unions such as Bethlehem 1st Federal Credit Union. (A complete list of nationwide CU$ ATMs is available
click here.)