Though the Credit Union prides itself on providing you with the best products and services and personalized service, we find that from time to time outside factors cause an adjustment in our fee schedule. Fees shown here are effective as of Monday, May 2, 2016. Please call us at 610-691-0041 with any questions you may have regarding the schedule.

Fee Description Amount
Account Reconciliation Fee $15.00 / hour
ATM / Debit Card Replacement $5.00 per card
ATM Reactivation Fee $25.00
ATM Transaction Fee 8 free per month, $1.00 per transaction over 8
Audio Response 8 free per month, $1.00 per call over 8
Cancelled Share Draft (Check) Copy $5.00 per draft
Cashier’s Check 1 free check per day, additional checks $1.00
Check (Share Draft) Orders Varies by Style
Copy of Paid Draft / Check $5.00 per copy
Deposited Item Return Fee $15.00
Dormant Account Fee $2.00 per month
Escheat $25.00
Foreign Currency Exchange (Receive Currency) $15.00
Foreign Currency Exchange (Sell Currency) $10.00
Garnishment or Levy $50.00
Item Sent for Collection – Foreign Varies
Legal Fees Up to $250.00 dependent on issue
Money Orders $1.00 each
Overdraft / Non-Sufficient Funds – Check or ACH $29.00 per item
Research $15.00 / hour
Returned Mail (Per Month) $2.00
Statement Copies $2 per statement
Stop Payment Fee (Drafts, Checks, ACH) $20.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee (Money Orders) $5.00 per item
Travel Money Card (Regular) $4.00
Travel Money Card (w/EMV Chip) $6.00
Visa Gift Card $3.00
Wire Transfer (Domestic Outgoing) $20.00