Do you like to use our Bill Pay Service?  You now have more flexibility and an improved experience with our new and enhanced version of our bill pay service including:

  • Your ‘pay date’ will be the day that you want your payee to receive your payment, not the day you want the payment to start processing
  • You get to hold your funds until the payee receives the check on that ‘pay date’
  • A new payment method will be introduced that works like you are writing a check from your personal check book
  • You will have the option to view some of your payees’ statements right on-line.
  • Members will have the ability to make A2A (Account to Account) transfers. This enables members to transfer money electronically, in some cases as soon as the next business day, between their Accounts at Bethlehem 1st FCU and external third-party financial institutions
  • Members will have the ability to use PopMoney – person to person payment service


Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I sign into the new Bill Pay Service?

You will continue to access bill pay the same way.

Will my payees be converted to the new system?

Most of your payees will be converted to the new system.  In rare instances, a payee may not convert.  We will do our best to ensure we have the most current address and account information, but we also need your help to make sure all your payments process correctly.  Once the conversion is complete, it is important that you login and ensure that all payee information is accurate.

Can I continue to use the transfer option?

If you currently use the single or reoccurring transfer option to a person or another financial institution, these features will no longer be available after July 19th.  For these types of transfers, you will need to set up the payments under the “Add a Bill” tab.

 Will my payees be converted to the new system?

History of your payments will not be converted to the updated system.  Please go to your current payment history listing and print any history you think you may need prior to July 19th.  Our internet banking department will also be able to access your history.

Can I preview the new system before it goes live on July 19th?

If you would like a sneak peak of the new bill pay product, please go to: and click on “Demo”.  The demo will help you familiarize yourself with the new layout and bill pay product.

What if I need help with the new Bill Pay Service?

You can call the Bethlehem 1st Customer Care Team at 833-490-7558 between the hours of 7:00am -1:00am EST, 7 days a week.