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Virtual Branch® FAQs

  1. How do I enroll for home banking?
  2. Click here for instructions on how to enroll online.

  • Once I enroll for home banking, how do I access the system?
  • A. Most pages on the Bethlehem 1st FCU website have a "Virtual Branch" button in the upper left-hand corner. Click it.

    1. How do I reconfigure my PC to connect to the WEB application?
    2. A. If you are already "surfing" the web successfully, then no additional work should be required to access this home banking site. You only need to specify the correct URL address. We suggest you download the most current browser version of Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer with 128 bit or greater encryption to access the service.

    1. How secure is the home banking service?
    2. A. The home banking service is highly secure. We have incorporated state-of-art-security into our electronic banking service and it is protected under the latest and most powerful firewall platform. This platform is based on a government-rated B1 trusted operating system and defends against every kind of system intrusion and effectively isolates all but approved customer financial requests. We also employ Multifactor Authentication.

    Connection Issues

    1. When trying to access the home banking site from an alternate PC, I entered the address of http://www.netit.financial-net.com/Ö..etc, but it says "canít find address." Whatís wrong?
    2. A. Replace the HTTP with HTTPS in the URL address line of your browser. The "S" represents "secure" and it is required to access the home banking site in a secure environment. If you insert the "S" and still receive this error message, check your browser settings and/or Internet Service Provider to see if you are setup to access secure sites.

      The easiest and most hassle-free way of accessing Virtual Branch is to click the "Virtual Branch" button in the left-hand menu of almost every page in the www.btcu.org site.

      Note: If you are experiencing trouble accessing the service from work, you should consult your Systems Administrator regarding possible Firewall issues.

    1. I was in the system and it brought me back to the login page with the error message that I had been "timed out", and prompted me to logon again. I had already provided my User ID and Security Code once before, so why did it ask again?

      A. This is a security feature designed for your protection. Generally, if 10 minutes elapse without a request from you for anything from our home banking system (exclusive of help), then the system ends your session and you must logon again. This approach helps prevent others from performing transactions on your computer in the event that you forget to properly exit the system.

    1. I keep getting messages about receiving a "cookie". How do I disable the warning message?
    2. A. To disable the cookie warning message, see Note above regarding accepting all cookies.
    1. I tried to logon to the system and I received a message that my ID was already logged on. How can I be already logged on when Iím not in the system?
    2. A. You will receive this message if you have improperly exited the system. As a security feature, the system "locks you out" if you perform any of the following actions while in the home banking system:

      1. Double clicking
      2. Using the Enter key on your keyboard to select functions instead of using your mouse
      3. Closing out of the program by selecting Exit or Close from the File menu
      4. Closing out of the program by clicking on the "X" on your browser.

    The proper way to exit our system is to select the "Exit" icon located in our site, just to the right of the page heading. After 10 - 15 minutes, the system will release your ID and you will be able to logon again.


    1. Can I use the "Back" feature of the browser to go to a page that I have already been on, or do I need to use the menus to get there? Will it work the same or cause a problem?
    2. A. No, you should not use the "Back" feature in the browser while in our site. Doing so could result in you being "locked out" of the system for a period of 10-20 minutes. For security reasons, some pages automatically expire so that you cannot return to them. You should always use the menu items located on the left of the screen to return to a page you have previously visited. The only exception is when you are in the Help function located within our site. You cannot see the menu items, so you will have to select the "Back" button to return to the account information.

    1. I was connected to the application earlier today, but am unable to connect again. The error message indicates it is unable to locate the server. What do I do?
    2. A. First, confirm that you are able to access other sites successfully. If not, contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance. Second, confirm that the URL address you typed is correct, and that you specified HTTPS (not HTTP) at the beginning. If that doesnít correct the problem, then it may mean that the home banking site has unexpectedly gone off-line. In this case, please contact customer service for assistance, or simply try your request again at a later time.


    Glossary of Terms

    URL Internet site address.

    ISP Internet Service Provider. Gateway/access to the internet.

    Browser Application which allows you to "navigate" once you have gained access to the internet

    Login Loop Process where you are continuously brought back to the login page and prompted to login after you have already logged in.

    Cache Temporary internet files that are saved in your system which allow you to return to a page you have already visited.

    Merchant A vendor (store, company, etc.) and/or individual you would like to send payments through the home banking service to.

    Firewall A network configuration that forms a boundary between networked computers. This configuration guards computers within the boundary (firewall) against access from external computers.



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