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Fraud Prevention Measures at BTFCU

Bethlehem 1st FCU employs four different monitoring systems to help protect you from Credit and Debit Card fraud. These systems are provided to you at no charge:

  1. enFACT is a debit card fraud detection system. It uses statistical models and cardholder profiles to determine the probability of fraud for each transaction made using your debit card. If the system detects what it thinks might be fraudulent transaction, either a representative from enFACT and the enFACT automated system will call the debit card holder and confirm whether the it was, in fact, legitimate. If you get called by enFACT, the caller will never ask you for the following information:
    • Your account number.
    • Your Personal Identification number (PIN).
    • Your Social Security Number.
    The representative will simply ask you if a particular transaction made with your Debit Card is legitimate. Your answer will be reported back to the Credit Union. The representative will call on the telephone number we have on file at the Credit Union. If the enFACT representative could not reach you, or if you elect to not provide an answer to the representative, that is also reported back to the Credit Union and a representative of the Credit Union will then attempt to contact you as well.
  2. Falcon fraud detection system for Credit Card activity. This system also uses a sophisticated neural network to recognize patterns of fraud compared to normal credit card transactions you have made in the past. As with enFACT, if a possible fraud is detected, a representative will call the card holder at the telephone number we have on file at the Credit Union.
  3. Address Verification Service: If you or someone else changes the billing address on your Credit Card, a confirmation letter will be sent to both the old and new addresses. If you receive such a letter and did not request an address change, contact us immediately.
  4. Name Matching Protection checks to see if the name on the card matches the name of the account holder. With this service we can quickly identify when a fake plastic card with false information is used. We can block the card, limiting the damage.

AlertMe: An Optional Card Monitoring Service

You can also sign up for Alert Me, a subscription service to help monitor your credit.

For a small fee, the AlertMe service monitors changes in your credit report or activity that may indicate that Identity Theft has occurred. An alert is sent to you if there is any unusual activity on your credit report. It also provides you with a monthly reassurance notice, credit report and credit score access, Identity Theft insurance, and a reminder to order your free annual credit report.

What You Can Do

Be on the alert for any suspicious activity on your card statement. Call us immediately if you have any questions or suspicions. Our telephone number is 610-691-0041.


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