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You are applying for enrollment in the Virtual Branch® Home Banking Services with access via the Internet.

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You desire to subscribe to the Services and authorize Us, and any third party acting on Our behalf, to serve as Your agent in processing transfers to and from targeted Accounts pursuant to Your transfer instructions, and You authorize Us to post such transfers to Your designated Account(s). You understand that We may not be able to make certain transfers if sufficient funds are not available in your designated Account(s). This authorization is in force until revoked by You or Us in writing and is subject to the Service Terms and Conditions (a current copy of which will be furnished to You) as amended from time to time.

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Application Procedure:

Please complete this application form as instructed. Sign and return it to the address listed below. Once approved, you will receive a Welcome Packet which includes instructions for use of the service and your security code.

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Federal Credit Union

2317 Easton Ave.
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Please allow seven business days for application processing.